I’ll take a break from the bookshelf project in favor of one with more instant results. Actually, this is this first project I did at this place. And it was a great idea, because it makes the space under the sink so much more usable. I picked up the parts at one of my many trips to the incredible downtown Container Store. We actually had to make several trips because I had to measure (and re-measure) the under-sink area several times to figure out what combination of slide-out products would fit.




Everything including the kitchen sink

As you can see from the photo, the trash can is on the left, an Elfa slide-out basket in the middle (has to be low to fit under the garbage disposal), and a sliding wire basket on the right (which clears the plumbing by just millimeters) for the recycling.   

The installation was a snap. About the only thing that went wrong was that I had to do was raise the Elfa up by about an 1/8 inch so that it would clear the lip on the bottom of the cabinet. A quick trip to (where else?) Cliff’s yielded some nylon washers that did the trick.

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