Let’s get started

We finally own our own place (well, close enough) and now I can’t get rid of this urge to rip stuff up (even if for no other reason than I can).

So, let’s get that started. This room is nice enough, but there are a few too many shelves if you ask me. Let’s take care of that.





 The previous owner (the one who built these gorgeous shelves) told me that they are secured with only nails, so removing one of the shelves shouldn’t be too tough. Certainly nothing a jigsaw, some elbow grease, and a little touch-up painting can’t take care of.

First step: removing the decorative molding. This way, I can re-build the shelf if something goes wrong or I want to restore the bookcase. A project for another day will be to rebuild this shelf to be removable. Using two chisels makes this pretty easy. By using the flat edge of the chisel against the molding, the molding is spared any damage (same can’t be said for the shelf).





Now I’ll just slice the shelf as far I can with my jigsaw and then finish the rest inch or with this little tiny saw. The jigsaw portion took about 10 seconds, while the piece sawed by hand took about 10 minutes of knuckle-scraping.




After cutting down both sides, I’ll just pry out the center piece …

After cutting down both sides, I’ll just pry out the center piece … 



… to reveal …




… huge amounts of damage to the plywood because the shelves were built with screws after all! Damn! About half of the screws pulled all the way through the 3/4″ ply, and the other half pulled out of the shelf instead, meaning I’ll have to figure out a way to cut them off.

Well, the gentleman who lives upstairs goes to sleep around 7:30pm, so that’s enough hammering for one night. Tune in next time …